The Qatar Arabic Language Center in Moscow has teamed up with the QatarDebate Center to host a joint video competition for Arabic language learners. The main prize of the competition is a unique opportunity to take part in debates with the participation of QatarDebate Show partners during the St. Petersburg Economic Forum-2021, as well as the opportunity to win memorable prizes and subscriptions to classes at the Qatar Arabic Language Center in Moscow.


According to the terms of the competition, participants must record and post on social networks their video performances on the proposed topics, defending one of the positions of your choice:

هل التعليم عن بعد هو الحل؟

الرياضة… تجمع الشعوب أم تفرقها؟


Materials for preparing for the debate can be found on the website of the competition partners –


Terms of participation: ⠀

– Subscribe and tag @qatardebate and @studyarabicru accounts, so you don’t miss important news and announcements;

– Record a 2-3-minute video presentation on one of the selected topics, present arguments for one of the points of view on the question posed in Arabic;

– Post a video to fb / ig / vk with hashtags #qatardebaterussia #qdrussiaopencall;

– Send the original video to telegram @studyarabicru or to;

– Age limit of the competition is 18+

Applications are accepted until April 9 inclusive. Winners will be determined by QatarDebate experts and announced on Qatar Arabic Language Center social media pages on April 16.