In the education area the main focus of the Office is on increasing the intensity of educational inter-country collaborations to improve, create and offer new collaboration formats.

The Office supports a wide scope of collaboration activities: Programs between education institutions, students, visiting professors and exchange programs, research projects, summer schools, bootcamps, calls for proposals and many others.

Join our Projects and Initiatives

Universities and government relations

  • – MoUs, Cooperation Agreements
  • – Universities and academic visits and business missions
  • – Reciprocal increase of quotas for international students
  • – Accreditation of the Russian Universities by the Qatar Ministry of Education and Higher


  • – Student exchange programs
  • – Student visiting programs
  • – Short-term visiting program (2 weeks, 1 month) for Russian students to Qatar and Qatari students to Russia
  • – Visiting professors programs
  • – Lecture course from Russian professor for Qatari students (General public, students of all the universities), several days or 1-2 weeks
  • – Open lectures and events

Academic Collaborations

  • – Double diplomas
  • – Joint programs
  • – Long-term exchange program (semester, year) for the Russian students to Qatar and the Qatari students to Russia

Call for Proposals and online Challenges

  • – Information about special activities
  • – calls
  • – challenges

Summer Schools and Bootcamps

  • – Information about summer schools
  • -Meet-ups with students of high-schools and universities of Russia to introduce them to Qatari educational programs
  • -Promotional tours to Qatar educational institutions

Sports and Volunteer Education Initiatives

  • – Edu program for children and the general public


«Doha Prize»

«The Doha Prize is an annual all-Russian contest in the Arabic language, which takes place from November 11 to December 17 2020. The competition is organized by the Cultural Creative Agency and the school of Arabic language, Qatar Arabic Language Center (QALC), in the framework of the (no) borders concept.»



10-13 September 2020



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