Office of Knowledge and Innovation

The Office of Knowledge and Innovation ideates and facilitates collaborations between Qatar and Russia in the fields of education, science, innovation, technology and social issues. The Office supports the initiatives with practical knowledge of international collaborations in science, education and innovation and helps establish connections in Russia and Qatar. The Office collaborates with governmental entities and ministries, innovation ecosystems, foundations, leading private and public associations and companies, universities, research institutes, colleges, schools and other entities and partners.


The collaboration between educational institutions drives scientific and academic communications and relations


Edutainment is entertainment and activities (events, films, shows) that are designed to be educational


Creation of a stable and thoughtful Arabic community


The connection of relevant organisations and development of business opportunities


Social activities and Projects


The objective of Science collaboration is to enhance innovation through knowledge and technology exchange


«Doha Prize»

«The Doha Prize is an annual all-Russian contest in the Arabic language, which takes place from November 11 to December 17 2020. The competition is organized by the Cultural Creative Agency and the school of Arabic language, Qatar Arabic Language Center (QALC), in the framework of the (no) borders concept.»



10-13 September 2020